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You're going to be boring when you grow up.

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AX 2014 - MEGA64 boiz Cheki

roccobotte and kinglordbryan

Lol, customer got angry at me because coupon won’t work with certain items. She went to the register two times. Told me I was stupid or something, and wanted me to go back with her to show me it was from that aisle. She’s like, “Don’t put it there! Waste our time!” Her daughter was apologizing to me haha. Telling her, “she wasn’t the one that put it there”. My manager had to get involved. Nice.

Shiki and Kuzumi - Kimi no Knife


Ah, you too, huh?

Was it for money? For justice?


current emotion: lumpy bird drawn with touchpad on ms paint at midnight


my skyrim char for now

I haven’t drawn for a long time and waiting for League to download. Yeeee skyrim char.


A Laughing Mega64 Reaction Gif for those who’d like it :)

Me: Hey! Coworker: Hi! Good to see you again.

Small things like that make me so happy.

I have this urge to play skyrim. Idk what about it but it feels fun. It’s so scary though haha. I hope to level up high enough to kick a trolls ass cause I tried killing them two times and then in one hit I die haha. I defeated my second dragon but right when I almost died It started attacking a troll and then we both killed the dragon haha.

It feels a little overwhelming on learning how to play but I’m just having a fun time doing quests, small tasks, and lock picking. Idk.

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