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You're going to be boring when you grow up.

★Rachel ★18 ★U.S.

I have this urge to play skyrim. Idk what about it but it feels fun. It’s so scary though haha. I hope to level up high enough to kick a trolls ass cause I tried killing them two times and then in one hit I die haha. I defeated my second dragon but right when I almost died It started attacking a troll and then we both killed the dragon haha.

It feels a little overwhelming on learning how to play but I’m just having a fun time doing quests, small tasks, and lock picking. Idk.

I’m a pretty elf boy.

I want to be a pretty elf boy in skyrim. Need to learn about this modding crap.

Oh man, my manager drove me home and we were talking about yelp reviews and uhm, we were both scared of what ppl say about us. Then she talked about before she worked there of how much she was a bad customer. She is insanely funny. I really like my coworkers. Makes my job a lot more enjoyable.


whats with parents and comparing you with other peoples kids………

Tired from work and I’m closing today let’s dooooooo thiiiiis. My feet feels so mangled. It feels deformed.

Or what? What, you’ll put a hole in my head and take away my memories? You wanna make me forget all this? You wanna make me not care anymore? Go ahead. You’ll be doing me a favor”

「 ۵ 」