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In honor of one of my favorite Japanese street foods. :) [x]

I really hate dealing with financial aid or having issues with something and I have to go up and ask people about it. All they do is treat you like you’re a dumb ass or they’re like, ” Have you seen it on the website? Everything is on there ok GOODBYE” I understand they have to explain things many times over but they should be a lot nicer. Yesterday, the financial aid guy was really patient with me to work on something with my fafsa and I said sorry for going out of his way and he was like oh no, no problem. I didn’t feel like a total shit head and I’m glad I got that sorted out. I’m a really sensitive person lmao. Honestly, I’m kind of meek.

Today, the housing services fucked us over. Their system is a piece of fucking shit. She was really rude and she could politely say she couldn’t do anything about it. She was just like, ” Well, it said your not verified then your not verified! That’s why you got the message. You guys are lucky to have a lottery number because other people didn’t get it.” Ugh, ok true but daaaamn. 

So I’m reading the manga Glass Mask and it’s so freakin good. I was thrown off with the art style since it’s from the 70’s but it’s really addicting to read.

Oh god, my friend didn’t verify the group so well both be split and were stuck with different room mates. Oh fuck hah. We named our group the Survey Corps too and we were so excited about it because we had the Survey Corps banner to hang on the windows. Guess not. LOL awww.

I better have someone whose into nerd shit.

I submitted my application twice already and they had this error in my application. Really odd hmmm. It’s making me angry though because I thought it was my fault. Wooow, this college man. It’s been almost 3 weeks already.

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